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2 weeks...

i cant belive that in two weeks from today ill be leaving to go to minnesota. im to the point now where im starting to freak out a little bit. my mom is doing hardcore shopping for my dorm and school supplies. my best friends are telling me daily that theyre going to miss me..especially amber telling me that shes cried thinking about missing me. im trying to spend as much time as possible with everyone here that i love before i go. *sigh* this is my first time not living in waukesha. its exciting and horrifying at the same time. im really excited to get away from my mom, but not so excited to get away from my friends. how many people that go to msu are from out of state? im sure you dont know exactly..but maybe someone knows a stat off the top of his/her head.

well...i dont know what the odds of seeing any of you are when we actually start school, but i appreciate all of the help that youve given me.
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