Ducktuckler Turban Loser Esquire (midnitefrost) wrote in minnstate,
Ducktuckler Turban Loser Esquire

incoming freshman..

hey going to be a freshman this year at msu. im kind of just wondering about some of the stuff that goes on. i have a lot of questions especially since im out of state heh.

soo if anyone has answers, that would be great :D

so whats this about homecoming? how different is it than in high school? is there a dance or something?

at orientation, they said msu was a dry campus. do people still drink/party in the dorms?

i already have my schedule. the teachers that i know so far are pierce, mccormick, and tabbert. [im taking astronomy 101, sociology 101, psych 101, and math 098] if you have any helpful tips for the teachers or the classes in general..any information is helpful :)

im also going to be staying in maverick hall.

sorry for all the questions, but thanks for all of your help
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