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Debut Local Show!

Abatwaar will be playing at the What's Up! Lounge on June 2nd. The show starts at 6pm and I think we're the first band on so be there on time! It's an all ages show and there is a $7 cover charge to get in.

This is be our first time playing in Mankato, and we'll be paired up with a couple of punk bands (Brainchild, Hyperbole) and a post-hardcore band (The Bank Robbers), so we're not sure how the rest the show will turn out. The line up is odd considering our self-styled "genre". We call ourselves "Groove Death Metal," for lack of a better description, but it tends to fit. I finally got our community up and running although there's not much in it - abatwaar.

Anyhow, if you make it out there, enjoy the show!

Metal Frith!
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