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Ducktuckler Turban Loser Esquire

incoming freshman..

hey going to be a freshman this year at msu. im kind of just wondering about some of the stuff that goes on. i have a lot of questions especially since im out of state heh.

soo if anyone has answers, that would be great :D

so whats this about homecoming? how different is it than in high school? is there a dance or something?

at orientation, they said msu was a dry campus. do people still drink/party in the dorms?

i already have my schedule. the teachers that i know so far are pierce, mccormick, and tabbert. [im taking astronomy 101, sociology 101, psych 101, and math 098] if you have any helpful tips for the teachers or the classes in general..any information is helpful :)

im also going to be staying in maverick hall.

sorry for all the questions, but thanks for all of your help
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homecoming's a joke, all it means is more out of town people than usual getting drunk, the bars are busier, and i expect this year there will be cops on every street corner due to last years... festivities.
there's a football game earlier in the day, but if we're as good as last year... hahaaa. anyhow.

there's plenty of drinking and partying in the dorms, you have to be a little more careful about it.. but if you're in maverick (gage B) you'll figure that out soon enough. it's fun, but be prepared for lots of puke, pee, and freshman hysterics of the like.

the only one i've taken out of those is astronomy 101... i liked it enough. i had someone else, though.
good luck and enjoy yourself

yea i heard about what happened last year. when i told my mom i wanted to go to msu, she nearly had a heart attack and started going on about the riots and everything. oh well.

thank you so much :)
Mac (McCormick) is cool. I haven't heard of the others, really. dance. Football game, a lot of other town stuff, a parade.

MSU IS a dry campus. You drink in the dorms, you can get caught easily. CA's aren't as stupid as many people think they are. If you choose to drink in the dorms, you realistically could and WILL be kicked out.
I had Soc 101 this past Fall semester with Mac. It was pretty fun; I enjoyed his class.
I don't know anything about campus life because I don't live on it so I can't really help ya there.
Well I spent my first year at MSU in the McElroy dorms. I got drunk more in the dorms than I did anywhere else. I never got caught... Homecoming i must agree is a joke... As for Soc 101 i never took that here but I have had McCormick for another class and that was Sociology of Religion. I didn't really enjoy the class because I found it difficult to decide which notes to take, although Intro Soc is very easy, well atleast for me because i'm a sociology/philosophy double major... If you have any questions feel free to contact me, just check out my info and that's how to reach me...
thank you :) i really appreciate it
i'm moving to crawford for fall... i think i'd be freaked out if i had to stay in maverick hall because of the height... maybe i never got caught drinking because my CA let me go because i was 23, still am for another month, but i dunno... anyway if you got anymore questions, i'll be happy to answer... later
afraid of heights, eh? on the 6th floor lol. i know someone who is a CA in crawford. what year are you? if you want, you can add me to your friends list..
and it would be a bitch to move in if you're on the top floor... i'm a senior but i probably won't graduate for a couple more years... k will
probably because the past semesters spent in community college i didn't take like 16 credits a semester and i'm double majoring so it makes me not graduate but that's ok, i don't mind college, and i'm gonna go on to grad school at MSU to get my masters
nice :)
feel free to message me anytime because this posting messages thing reminds me of the old way i used to chat in 1995 and 1996 before AOL was big and instant messengers were around... damn i'm old
LOL alright