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  2008.09.06  21.56
MSU - let your friends know!

I was going to do this earlier today but forgot.

We recently bought a new TV and need to get rid of the old one and the entertainment center. It's a 32" Samsung HDTV and entertainment center. We're asking for about $350-400 but make a good offer and my husband may consider. I want it out of my livingroom.

You would need to pick up and take it away. More info below; it's posted on craigslist.


In case you know someone that might be interested. We really want to get rid of it.


  2007.10.24  21.14
From Dr. Seuss to Pornography

This is a community presentation by Cordelia Anders, M.A.  She will be sharing information with parents, grandparents, educators, and all concerned community members about the impact of a “hyper sexualized” culture on our children/teens and steps we can take to counter harmful trends and promote healthy youth. Presented in Mankato on Thursday, October 25, 6:30-8:00p.m., South Central College - Conference Center Auditorium. For more information contact the Council for Health Action and Promotion: 507-389-4618.

I went to this presentation tonight at the New Ulm Public Library. It was very informational, stunning, eye opening, and educational. I encourage anyone in any field to attend. IT'S FREE.


  2006.12.02  15.18
This is new (crossposted)



  2006.11.25  19.22
Dec. 1st @ the What's Up! Lounge

Directions to the What's Up! Lounge can be found here.

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  2006.10.28  10.37
For Sale

Sick of the dorms? Sick of your apartment with loud neighbors and not enough of your own space? Tired of being by campus? If you or anyone you know is looking for an apartment or a mobile home to buy...

Check out www.hyperchicken.com/house for information and a few pictures.

Mobile Home for Sale
Asking Price: $6500

  • 212 Kingsway Drive : Camelot Park in North Mankato
  • Artcraft 1980 14’ x 70’
  • 3 bedrooms / 1 bathroom
  • Large living room
  • Outdoor storage shed
  • Deck and concrete patio
  • Includes: Refrigerator/freezer, gas range/oven, gas furnace, two window air conditioners

  • Wooden flower bed in front. The deck has a fresh coat of paint. Livingroom was repainted 2 years ago. House comes with all blinds. Park offices has laundry area. Mailboxes located in central area with key. House has front and side door. Carpet and linoleum in good condition. Central air is very old and has not been used in 2 or 3 years; house comes with two fairly new window air units.

    Call 507-382-1100 or email benmeyer78@gmail.com for more info


      2006.09.30  02.38
    Public Evenings at Standeford Observatory (on MSU's campus)

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    From: Pierce, James N
    Posted At: Wed 9/27/2006 9:49 AM
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    Conversation: Public Evenings at Standeford Observatory
    Subject: Public Evenings at Standeford Observatory

    In the summer of 2006, Standeford Observatory was moved to a new site in the woods at the south end of the Minnesota State University campus, a few hundred yards southwest of its original location. The public is invited to come visit the new Standeford Observatory during the fall observing season, on clear Thursday evenings from 8:00 to 11:00 p.m. (If the sky is not sufficiently clear at observing time, the public viewing session will be not be held.)

    Those making a Thursday trek to the observatory will be able to see a variety of celestial objects from the fall observing list, including the Ring Nebula, the Wild Duck Cluster, the Swan Nebula, the Double Cluster in Perseus, the Dumbbell Nebula, the Andromeda Galaxy, numerous globular clusters, and a host of colorful binary stars.

    Visitors should park at the southern end of Gage parking lot #1, walk through the pedestrian gate, and follow the road south to the observatory. (Visitors with special needs should contact the Disability Services Office at 389-2825.) If weather makes viewing uncertain, phone Standeford Observatory (389-6208) during the evening to inquire about sky conditions. A sign on the gate at the end of lot #1 will indicate whether the observatory is open.

    For more information about the MSU observing facilities, see the Physics & Astronomy website at http://cset.mnsu.edu/pa/ .


      2006.09.15  14.01
    Abatwaar Show Coming Up!

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      2006.05.17  07.51
    Debut Local Show!

    Abatwaar will be playing at the What's Up! Lounge on June 2nd. The show starts at 6pm and I think we're the first band on so be there on time! It's an all ages show and there is a $7 cover charge to get in.

    This is be our first time playing in Mankato, and we'll be paired up with a couple of punk bands (Brainchild, Hyperbole) and a post-hardcore band (The Bank Robbers), so we're not sure how the rest the show will turn out. The line up is odd considering our self-styled "genre". We call ourselves "Groove Death Metal," for lack of a better description, but it tends to fit. I finally got our community up and running although there's not much in it - abatwaar.

    Anyhow, if you make it out there, enjoy the show!

    Metal Frith!

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      2005.11.09  19.49
    ATPH is on the way

    Anyone Interested?

    All The Pretty Horses, the dark glam band from Minneapolis, is playing a show at The What's Up Lounge on Saturday, the 19th. The band is looking for people willing to spread the word about the gig (flyers/posters), in return for a spot on the guest list.

    For more info, email: veinsplasher @ prettyhorses .net (remove the spaces)

    Thanks for looking!


    Saturday, November 19th

    All The Pretty Horses
    & The Screens

    The What's Up Lounge
    701 N. Riverfront

    $5 - 9PM



      2005.10.08  15.21
    Missing student from SCSU

    EDIT: Nevermind, she has been found, dead unfortunately.

    From the KARE-11 website:

    Sartell police are asking for the public's help in locating a woman who has been missing since Monday, when she left her parents' home after an extended argument.

    Andrea Alejandra Arriagada, 18, left her parents' Sartell home at about 5:45 a.m. Monday and said she was headed to St. Cloud State University, where she is a student and member of the biathlon club team.

    She never arrived there, and her parents reported her missing at about 11:20 a.m. Monday, said Deputy Police Chief Dale Struffert.

    The family's 1999 green, four-door Toyota Corolla is missing, Struffert said, along with a .22-caliber rifle. The license plate on the Corolla is Minnesota plate DSZ 142, Struffert said.

    It's unknown whether anyone was or is with Arriagada, he said. Anyone with information about her whereabouts is asked to call the Sartell Police Department at 251-8186.

    The link above includes a picture of her. Other reports state that she has friends at other MnSCU institutions that she may have contacted (which is why I posted this here).

    Other articles:


      2005.04.27  16.01
    Live Swing Dance (x-posted

    Special Friday Night Swing Nights (now all ages).
    The cover charge is $8.00 per person.

    A dance lesson starts at 7:15pm and the band starts at 8:00pm. Friday night's band will be Swingbeat

    Wabasha Street Caves
    215 Wabasha Street South
    St. Paul, MN


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      2005.04.11  02.08
    Wake up! Wake up!

    Howdy~! I'm currently a freshman at MSU, Mankato. It's no biggy and nothing important. I wasn't aware that there was a MSU, Mankato community out there so I created my own unknowingly. Well, allow me to list some of my communities if anyone is interested.


    Take care!


      2005.04.09  06.18
    !!! (X-posted)

    Ladies! Don't let your history be lost!!!Collapse )


      2005.02.26  22.55
    sustainability conference



    many regards to sunnie, nospectatorions for being in charge of it all.
    x-posted to mankato and my journal


      2004.08.10  15.25
    2 weeks...

    i cant belive that in two weeks from today ill be leaving to go to minnesota. im to the point now where im starting to freak out a little bit. my mom is doing hardcore shopping for my dorm and school supplies. my best friends are telling me daily that theyre going to miss me..especially amber telling me that shes cried thinking about missing me. im trying to spend as much time as possible with everyone here that i love before i go. *sigh* this is my first time not living in waukesha. its exciting and horrifying at the same time. im really excited to get away from my mom, but not so excited to get away from my friends. how many people that go to msu are from out of state? im sure you dont know exactly..but maybe someone knows a stat off the top of his/her head.

    well...i dont know what the odds of seeing any of you are when we actually start school, but i appreciate all of the help that youve given me.

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      2004.07.28  00.25
    My schedule for next semester...

    If anyone here has taken these classes at MSU it would be appreciated if i could get a comment on them...

    Social Research 9am to 9:50am - M,W,F
    Logic and Critical Thinking 2pm to 2:50pm - M,W,F
    Sociology of Death 3:30pm to 4:45pm W
    Intro to Ethics 9:30am to 10:45am T,TH
    Humanistic Sociology 12:30pm to 1:45pm T,TH
    Law, Justice & Society 3:30pm to 4:45pm T,TH

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      2004.07.26  11.42
    incoming freshman..

    hey so..im going to be a freshman this year at msu. im kind of just wondering about some of the stuff that goes on. i have a lot of questions especially since im out of state heh.

    soo if anyone has answers, that would be great :D

    so whats this about homecoming? how different is it than in high school? is there a dance or something?

    at orientation, they said msu was a dry campus. do people still drink/party in the dorms?

    i already have my schedule. the teachers that i know so far are pierce, mccormick, and tabbert. [im taking astronomy 101, sociology 101, psych 101, and math 098] if you have any helpful tips for the teachers or the classes in general..any information is helpful :)

    im also going to be staying in maverick hall.

    sorry for all the questions, but thanks for all of your help


      2004.07.22  23.01

    I've got an AC that I'd like to sell in the next week or so. $75. In great condition, only used for three months in the MSU res halls.


      2004.07.19  17.28

    Dorm Fridge for sale! $40. Used and well maintained while living in the res halls.


      2004.07.12  00.29

    I was just wondering where everyone was when the riots happened last homecoming? As for me I was drunk in the dorms when it was happening, just chilling and watching a movie. I heard noise from outside because in F hall in McElroy the side of the dorm i was on was close to the sidewalk and people would sometimes walk right past my window. It was kinda loud but I thought it was just any typical saturday night party crowd. But little did I know there was chaos happening a few blocks away. I'd love to be there just as a sociology major to observe the behavior of the crowd. i've studied collective behavior in social movements. Actually we did spend some time analyzing the events from a lot of second hand sources. i just wish i would have been there for social observation...


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      2004.07.11  22.28

    I have an air conditioner that I would like to sell. You picking it up would be the best, but a drop off could be arranged as well. The AC was only used for 3 months and is in really good condition. $100 or best offer.

    Email me for more info, email's in the profile.


      2004.07.11  14.04
    New to the community

    Well I just found this community through listing msu mankato as an interest so that's how I got here... I am currently a senior as far as credits go at mankato but I won't be graduating after this year due to past education and adding a second major. Next year is the start of my second year at MSU. my first major is sociology and second major is philosophy. I was going to try to triple major but I'd never graduate. But for now i'm stuck in california for 7 more days. I'm just looking forward to classes to begin, although i loathe dorm living but I had no one to move in with to an aparment so i'm stuck. Well anyway I hope I get to know anyone else that's going to MSU... later


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      2004.07.10  13.08
    Come Check Us Out!!


    Can't stand those lonely evenings?

    Is Friday night the crappiest night of the week for you?


    Guaranteed* to offer you the best in MN singles without the racked up credit card bills.

    Take a chance and stop on by!

    *moderator cannot guarantee that you will find : love, true love, your soul mate, a fun fling, a one night stand, etc etc etc.


      2004.06.07  20.15

    Been going to MSU for about 1 1/2 school years so far. Junior, studying for Social Work. Live off campus in North Mankato. Work as much as I can while going to school, not involved in any extracurricular activities. Just browsing around LJ and wondered if there were any Minnesota-related communities. I guess there are. Spiffy.
    So.. Hi :)


      2004.05.24  14.58
    Hey! New Community

    Good afternoon, just wanted to drop by and spread the word on a new community. mn_singles

    Just a basic community for those to bitch, moan and commiserate about the follies of love, or maybe find a new one.

    So, drop by, leave a comment or post and perhaps something good, may just happen.


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